Hidden Río





It’s the World Cup, & I thought it would be appropriate to make a World Cup themed post. The poverty of Brazil is widely known, but people don’t really recognise how serious it is. I had a real wake up call, simply going on to Google Maps Street View & looking for myself. Others would say, “Hello, you’ve not really gone to Río and seen this, so how do we truly know?” and to that question, I reply with these photographs. I don’t think much else needs to be said. The ramshackle houses, narrow streets & huts clustered together leave little to the imagination.


Some graffiti.

Do I have the audacity to say “This is the real Río not shown on TV?”

No. I do not. But this is one side not publicised very much. If these two photos are not evidence enough, I will post more on.

– Tanvi